Gainsight vs. Catalyst

Gainsight does what Catalyst can't. Your team needs something more powerful, functional and usable than the basic workflows of Catalyst.

Customers Can’t Stop Raving About The ADVANTAGES OF GAINSIGHT

Start Fast and Scale

More Productivity, Less Burnout

Quantify Impact of CS Programs

Avoid Surprise Churn

You're Just Weeks From Going Live

A Clear Winner? We Think So!

Customers can start simple and see value in as little as four weeks, and scale to complex use cases as their needs grow.

Lack of expert support, no marketplace of pre-built best practices, and limited integrations means roll-outs will stall, adoption hits the wall.

7 Hours More In Productivity With Less Burnout

A Clear Winner? We Think So!

CSMs save 7 hours a week with self-service reporting, configurable UIs, auto-logged calls, auto-generated snapshots, and more.

Catalyst lacks self-service reporting. CSMs must manually log meetings, leading to less productivity.

Quantify the Impact of Customer Success Programs

A Clear Winner? We Think So!

Use pre-built dashboards and reports to correlate adoption to GRR, link Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQLs) to expansion revenue.

With Catalyst’s weak reporting, you’ll risk being seen as cost center that can’t link to real business outcomes.

Don't Be Blindsided By Churn

A Clear Winner? We Think So!

Minimize churn blind spots with multiple health scores at account and relationship levels and unlimited measure groups.

Catalyst offers basic account level health scores and only five measure groups, which can lead to a churn sneak attack.

We didn’t just build the category. We keep defining it.

Hear from customers who love working with the leader.

Gainsight Is Fast To Deploy

“There’s no doubt that Gainsight is best in class for implementing customer success within any company.”

VP of Customer Growth

Gainsight Is Affordable

"We thought that was a no-brainer to go with [Gainsight], the product we can afford, but also because we trust that it can grow with us and scale with us as we grow."


Gainsight Is Easy To Use

“Gainsight has a very simple UI, the ease of process mapping, sales information processing, and to be able to know the health of an account is super intuitive and fluid to be shared across teams.”


See Gainsight in Action!