Enable Cross-Functional Visibility

Put customers at the center of your business by sharing insights and accountability across teams.

Collaborate with Sales, Finance, Support, and Product teams to deliver a unified and scalable experience to your customers.


Manage and prioritize your customer portfolio with just-in-time alerts. Combine organizational wisdom with best practices to manage a renewal process, leverage a cross-sell opportunity, or resolve an account showing early signs of churn.

  • Collaborate across teams using Chatter and Salesforce task-sync capabilities.
  • Assign and track playbook actions to get stakeholders across teams working toward the same goals.
  • Optimize customer processes, measure team performance, and identify bottlenecks.
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Personalized Emails via CoPilot

Send a snapshot of your dashboard filtered at the customer level and contact level to prove ROI and share customer engagement with executives and customers alike.

  • Share how customers are engaging with your solution using personalized reports on your internal stakeholders by integrating key data points from Gainsight.
  • Share utilization data with Product Managers by scheduling emails featuring usage data reports after a major product release.
  • Share customer satisfaction data from your advocates with Marketing by scheduling emails with survey reports.
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Use our intuitive reporting engine to create drag-and-drop visualizations and get a holistic view of your business across all your teams. Create automatic emails of dashboards to internal stakeholders to ensure visibility.

  • Use Gainsight in your Product team to measure engagement by monitoring application usage and identifying the most active users and customers.
  • Use Gainsight in your Finance and Billing team to aggregate transactions by product as well as use centralized reporting to monitor and track your revenue management metrics.
  • Use Gainsight in your Support team to identify support ticket trends across products, departments, regions, and customers.
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Gainsight Support View

With an overall view of customer health, engagement, and packages, your Support team can have more informed conversations with customers and collaborate with other teams including Customer Success.

  • Get context on user issues to efficiently triage problems and engage with customers.
  • Shed light on case diagnostics by understanding which modules are active and in use.
  • Enable Support to alert other teams of customer risks and upsell opportunities.
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Gainsight Lifetime Revenue Management

Use billing data in conjunction with usage, survey, support, engagement, and other customer data to assess customer risk.

  • Automatically pull your transactional and billing data into Gainsight to get a holistic customer view.
  • Aggregate transactions by product and use a centralized dashboard to monitor and track your revenue metrics.
  • Get notified and take action when an invoice is overdue.
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Gainsight Sales View

Sales and Account Management Teams can use Sales View to identify optimal upsell and cross-sell targets, manage renewals, and gather references using rich customer data.

  • Use Sponsor Tracking to reach out to your former sponsors in their new roles to uncover new opportunities.
  • Use survey and engagement data to find references for your next deal on your Opportunity or Account page.
  • Know your customer’s adoption and health trends, transaction details, outstanding support issues, and company details so you’ll never be blindsided on a sales call.
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