Demonstrate Value

Prove the ROI you deliver to your customers and promote adoption, advocacy, and growth.

Gainsight helps you capture and deliver on your customers’ goals while giving you the tools to communicate the value your customer is receiving both through one-on-one conversations and personalized, automated emails.

Success Plans

Enable your team to collaboratively develop, track, and realize a strategic plan for their customers. Success Plans are the tools you need to keep your most valuable customers on-track and growing with you and your product.

  • Identify your customer’s goals for your product and services and align internally on a plan to meet their goals.
  • Illustrate how you have executed against your customer's goals and objectives.
  • Measure plan effectiveness by tracking customer metrics in dashboards.
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Personalized Emails via CoPilot

Send a reporting snapshot filtered at the customer level and contact level to prove ROI and customer engagement.

  • Share how customers are engaging with your solution using personalized reports in your customer outreach.
  • Automate personalized emails to customers based on qualitative and quantitative usage data.
  • Trigger email surveys to focus on a specific transaction or interaction and correlate it with customer satisfaction.
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Success Snapshots

Prove your product’s value to your customers by using customer engagement data in your Executive Business Reviews. Export assets that blend customer data from multiple sources into PPT and PDF formats.

  • Prepare for EBRs in minutes by exporting branded, editable, up-to-date presentations in your inbox.
  • Choose the right data to share with your customers and personalize it with tokens and Gainsight data.
  • Customize templates with your branding to deliver a consistent experience for each customer. Create and save multiple templates.
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Reporting and Analytics

Share your successes with your executive team and the wider organization. Schedule dashboards to send automatically in branded, configurable PowerPoint slides. Align your organization’s efforts, speed up decision-making, track performance outcomes, and prove value.

  • Show the impact of your team on customer health, support cases, retention, and other key metrics.
  • Reveal strategic insights around retention, growth, opportunity, and customer experience.
  • Leverage Excel-like capabilities for intuitive navigation. Sort, filter, pivot, rank and aggregate data at a daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly level.
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