Increase Team Efficiency and Productivity with Email Assist

Email Assist increases Customer Success and Account Management team productivity while reinforcing consistency and best practices.

Instead of formulating emails from scratch, with Email Assist, Customer Success Managers and Account Managers can:

  • Leverage automatically created emails that contain the right message and send them at the right time
  • Personalize communications using unique knowledge of their customers
  • Increase consistency across customer communications

With Email Assist, you can now combine the efficiency of automated email with the effectiveness of a CSM’s comprehensive understanding of the customer.

email assist
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Streamline Customer Success Workflow

Email Assist serves to streamline Customer Success and Account Management team workflow processes by enabling them to:

  • Edit and send emails directly from Playbook tasks without leaving Cockpit
  • Integrate standardized communications into defined workflow processes
  • Auto-populate pre-defined customer data points, thereby reducing data hunting

Data spaces

For how we use Gainsight at my company, we call it “The Tool of Truth”. It holds all information about customers and accounts that we rely on it for almost everything.

Damon Wong

Customer Success