Gainsight Vault

Import best in class Customer Success thought leadership right into your Gainsight instance.

Gainsight Vault is the first of its kind, in-product best practices repository. With Gainsight Vault, we are bringing the finest of Customer Success and Account Management thought leadership at your fingertips.

Get productive from day one with hundreds of downloadable assets

50+ playbooks
30+ surveys
40+ email
130+ reports
70+ rules

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Import Assets

Reduce errors and save time with instant import and configuration.
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Learn from peers

Imbibe best practices from the thought leaders in Customer Success
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Scale your team

Grow your team without reinventing the wheel

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Get efficient and effective

Gainsight collects best practices from thought leaders among our customers, community and leadership. We translate these best practices into Gainsight Workflow and create importable assets around these processes.

  • Reduce errors by downloading ready to use Gainsight assets
  • Save time with instant configuration
  • Import a range of assets such as playbooks and surveys

Learn and Scale

Get productive from day one with Gainsight Vault. Import assets created using best practice and configure instantly.

  • Import assets across industries, customer segments and business functions
  • Learn from your peers who have shared their experiences and thought process on building and managing a customer-centric business
  • Scale your team with instant access to the best of Customer Success processes

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