Manage Customer Risk

Proactively identify signs of customer risk and collaborate cross-functionally to resolve issues.

Your customers are sending you valuable signals about their health by the way they engage with your product and service. Gainsight’s platform evaluates your sales data, usage logs, support tickets, survey responses, financial systems and sponsor movements to monitor customer health, trigger alerts on risks, and recommend best practice playbooks to resolve those risks.

Health Scorecards

Uncovering customer health signals shouldn’t feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Gainsight offers a visual, flexible solution for tracking customer health across a variety of dimensions.

  • Gainsight's Health Scores are custom-built for your data and business needs.
  • Use a combination of qualitative and quantitative scores to monitor health.
  • Integrate Health Scores with workflow to mitigate customer risk.
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Get instant notifications on any abnormal pattern of customer engagement including usage drops, executive sponsor departures, excessive support tickets, or low survey scores.

  • Trigger alerts based on customizable criteria relevant to your business.
  • Create to-do lists of best practice actions for nurturing at-risk customers back to health.
  • Drive productivity, share knowledge, and accelerate innovation with collaborative problem-solving across teams.
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From measuring Net Promoter® Score to capturing customer feedback, Gainsight surveys help you understand what you’re doing well and what you need to improve. Our integrated workflow makes it easy to turn data into actionable results.

  • Trigger workflows based on survey responses like playbooks for low or poor response rates and automatic emails for fans.
  • Segment customers into appropriate nurture tracks and take action on survey results.
  • Analyze survey results to uncover trends and patterns around customer feedback for root cause analysis.
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Sponsor Tracking

Address the number-one cause of customer churn: the loss of an executive sponsor. Keep a close watch on key customer contacts and get notified when they move or change titles.

  • Monitor executive and advocate relationships across social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Get notified when a sponsor changes role, title, location, or company.
  • Act early with a prescribed playbook to build new relationships and uncover new opportunities.
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Uncover the underlying reasons your customers are at risk with visual access to each individual customer’s usage, support, purchase, sponsor, and survey data.

  • Get complete visibility and historical context across multiple dimensions of customer engagement.
  • Make customer conversations meaningful by easily preparing for meetings.
  • Create a single source of truth for customer health and collaborate cross-functionally.
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Gainsight Mobile App

Access key customer information right from your phone. Gainsight's Mobile app fits seamlessly into your day-to-day workflow and helps you be more productive on the go.

  • CSMs, Account Managers, and Executives can easily access customer information to prepare for meetings by visualizing customer health and engagement data.
  • Know which customers to reach out to and when. View all open Calls-to-Action that need immediate attention.
  • Assign tasks and collaborate and follow up with your team.
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