Operationalize Customer Lifecycle

Build a customer journey that works for your customers and your business model.

Different customer segments demand different Customer Success strategies. Engage with customers as often as necessary to drive success without compromising on scalability. Do more with fewer resources.


Deliver consultative high-touch experiences to your high-value strategic customers.
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Manage and prioritize your customer portfolio with just-in-time alerts.
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Onboard, train, and engage your long-tail customers while tracking customer sentiment.
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Customer360 view

Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Drive impactful conversations with each individual client by accessing data from your CRM, service desk, usage tracking software, financial systems, and survey tools. It’s all in one visual interface.

  • Get complete visibility across multiple dimensions of customer engagement.
  • Deliver a personalized, unified experience to your customers.
  • Prepare for customer meetings and internal discussions in minutes.
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Success Plans

Create Success Plans that provide you and your team full visibility and control over your tasks.

  • Develop, collaborate, export, track, and realize strategic plans for your customers.
  • Execute with precision by managing activity and coordination across objectives and teams.
  • Track success by monitoring progress in a management dashboard.
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Success Snapshots

Prepare for EBRs in minutes by exporting branded, editable, real-time presentations to your inbox.

  • Generate configurable assets that blend customer data from multiple sources.
  • Customize and brand templates to deliver a consistent experience.
  • Avoid redundant work by saving and reusing templates.
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Gainsight Cockpit

Enhance workflow and collaboration to drive greater productivity by effectively managing customer risks, opportunities, and key events.

  • Ensure that nothing slips through cracks through structured, automated workflow.
  • Collaborate across teams and functions.
  • Optimize processes, benchmark team performance, and measure team effectiveness.
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Leverage automation in your customer communications to reach more customers more effectively. Create triggered or life-cycle based campaigns.

  • Send the right message at the right time based on a customer's behavior and actions.
  • Show ROI or discuss engagement with scheduled, individualized reports.
  • Trigger rich text, HTML-enabled emails for a professional, consistent appearance.
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Use Gainsight’s survey module or integrate Gainsight into your existing survey solutions. Capture actionable data with contextualized surveys.

  • Deploy feedback surveys at regular intervals in the customer relationship to gauge a customer's overall satisfaction.
  • Trigger surveys at key events and milestones such as post-implementation, new release roll-out, or after a renewal or a training.
  • Segment customers into appropriate nurture tracks and take action on survey results.
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Scale alongside your growing customer base without compromising 1:1 interaction with your customers using Gsnap’s 60-second videos.

  • Use Gsnap to welcome customers, send EBR prep calls and follow-ups, advocacy requests, event invites, introductions, new product announcements, and more.
  • Boost your customer communications with relevant, branded, personalized videos.
  • Use real-time engagement metrics such as Views, Shares and Thanks received to fine-tune your video outreach.
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