Get ready for executive review in minutes with Success Snapshot

Receive editable presentations conveniently in your inbox with real-time information. Export parameterized report, complete with your branding from the Customer 360 view.

Success Snapshot

Generate configurable assets

Create up to date data-filled presentations, QBR reports, or executive reviews to drive renewals, retention and upsell opportunities

  • Blend customer data from multiple sources into Microsoft ppt and pdf formats.
  • Pick and choose data to share with your customers.
  • Use parameters for personalization

Success Snapshot

Create presentations with real-time data

Use your time and resources to handle higher value decisions, rather than create identical presentations. Deliver a consistent experience for all customers. Create and save multiple templates.

  • Access these up-to-date customer snapshots anytime from Gainsight.
  • Export presentations with just a click of a button
  • Customize templates with your branding

Success Snapshot