AgriWebb Increases Adoption of its Livestock Enterprise Management Solution

The Challenge

AgriWebb’s mission is simple to make ranch management easier and to help farmers reach their livestock business goals. The SaaS software comes packed with features, records and reports tailored to different stakeholders along the supply chain.

While intuitive, there’s a level of complexity that can bring a steep learning curve with it, especially for less technologically inclined customers.

Historically, AgriWebb trained its customers with one-to-one tactics, including in-person training sessions led by its Customer Success and Support teams, Zoom meetings, phone calls, in-app notifications and a traditional help center.

The regional and global nature of its business, however, quickly made these one-to-one tactics logistically impossible to execute and ridiculously expensive; they were also impossible to scale.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, in-person training, which AgriWebb’s customers loved, became a thing of the past. AgriWebb needed to find a more efficient and effective way to train its customers.

Throughout the pandemic, we were unable to meet face-to-face with our customers. Northpass helped us maintain personalized and authentic training to ensure our customers were successful.

David O'Brien
Director of Customer Support, AgriWebb

The Solution

AgriWebb Academy launched in 2021 and has since served 
 as the go-to online learning hub for its customers to increase their knowledge of AgriWebb’s product and ensure they’re driving the most productivity, profit, and sustainability.

Since launching AgriWebb Academy, Northpass’ ease of use, flexibility, and support have allowed the company to deliver consistent training experiences to busy farmers located throughout APAC and North America.

Easy for Everyone to Use

Usability was top of mind for AgriWebb. Northpass’ Support and Implementation teams worked to ensure a smooth and friendly learning experience. Knowing farmers and other stakeholders often work long hours in various locations around their farms, accessing the academy—and completing courses—had to be simple.

The unique schedules of AgriWebb’s customers also meant that users had to be able to learn on their own time.

To check both of these boxes, AgriWebb created a series of short courses—time is of the essence with farmers—using Northpass’ built-in course authoring tools. These easy-to-use tools allowed AgriWebb’s team to create impactful content without a ton of design and development resources.

Once live, learning paths and an intuitive user interface (UI) made it easy for farmers and other stakeholders to complete the required content. AgriWebb also took advantage of Northpass’ quiz functionality to improve knowledge retention.

Flexibility to Meet Different Training Needs

AgriWebb doesn’t have a single use case for training. Not only do farmers use its product for different reasons—like task management and individual animal management—but other stakeholders, including owners and support reps, play a key role, too.

AgriWebb Academy needs to offer relevant courses for each audience; a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t cut it.

AgriWebb delivers this personalized training by creating courses geared to each subset of its customer base.

For example, “AgriWebb for farm hands” is geared toward farm hands and staff who need to quickly familiarize themselves with AgriWebb’s core features.

At the same time, “AgriWebb for farm managers” is geared toward managers or owners who use AgriWebb for more strategic use cases like profit management and sustainability.

By segmenting its content, AgriWebb makes it easy for everyone to get the information they need, regardless of how they use the product.

AgriWebb also took advantage of Northpass’ flexibility and embedded its academy in both its app and website to create a frictionless experience for its customers.

Support to Get Up and Running ASAP

AgriWebb knew there would come a time when in-person and traditional training tactics weren’t scalable, but the pandemic accelerated that timeline.

When the pandemic hit, AgriWebb needed to quickly find an alternative, yet just as effective, to help its customers use its product to keep their farms running smoothly.

Working hand-in-hand with Northpass’ Customer Success and Implementation teams, AgriWebb was able to get its academy up and running in weeks. Northpass’ built-in customization capabilities also allowed AgriWebb to get its academy live without significant design and development resources.

After running a pilot program to ensure customers would benefit from online training, AgriWebb Academy went live.

Since launching the academy, the AgriWebb team has worked with Northpass to continuously evolve its academy and take advantage of new Northpass features.

With the recent launch of Achievements using the badges, AgriWebb is eager to see the impact this will have, predicting even more engagement and success for its customers.

Northpass’ Customer Success team worked hand-in-hand with us to ensure we had everything in place to succeed with online learning.

David O’Brien
Director of Customer Support, AgriWebb

The Results

  1. More Product Adoption
    Product adoption increased 26% for existing customers compared to those who didn’t take related courses in AgriWebb Academy.
  2. More Meaningful Conversations
    AgriWebb customers who actively use the academy have more in-depth and sophisticated conversations about the product (as opposed to non-engaged customers who are asking more basic product questions).
  3. Improved Onboarding
    AgriWebb offers academy access along with its free trial. Of the 1.5k trialists since the launch of AgriWebb Academy, 6% of customers completed a course prior to the free trial ending, while 43.6% of customers completed a course after the free trial ended. This shows that the academy is a key piece in the successful onboarding for new customers.

There’s a direct correlation between our enterprise customers’ activity with the academy and their increased adoption of the product during the implementation phase.

David O’Brien
Director of Customer Support, AgriWebb