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3 Ways to Scale Your Customer Success Program

In a recent Sandhill.com poll of Silicon Valley executives, many execs expressed concern over scaling their customer success teams while maintaining a high quality and personalized service experience for their customers. At Gainsight, we don’t believe scale and quality to be mutually exclusive.

There are 3 key areas of focus that can ensure companies achieve their customer success goals and realize the economies of scale that are so important to growing businesses. On June 25th at 10 am PDT, Lincoln Murphy, Customer Success Evangelist at Gainsight and world renowned SaaS expert, showed you how a customer success strategy focused on segmentation, automation, and documentation is key to scaling Customer Success. A customer success program that lacks strategic thinking in any of these areas is sure to fall short and unlikely to achieve scale or meaningful results.

In this 60 minute webinar on the keys to scale we discussed:

  • How can you implement automation without harming customer relationships?
  • What is the right strategy to segment your customer base?
  • Which process are important to document and which aren’t?

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