It’s hard for any chef to find success without training. Just like culinary training prepares an apprentice chef for their future Michelin-star career, customer education helps your customers adopt and find success with your product.

But while real chefs can experiment with trial and error to get a dish just right, your customers may need more guided learning paths to assure success.

Grab a front row seat at our virtual lecture hall with Tori Jeffcoat, PMM Leader at Gainsight, and Matthew Meeks from Front – we’re discussing how digital education helps to scale on-demand training programs across your customer base, drive better feature and product adoption, and accelerate digital CS strategies at all levels.

You’ll learn:

  • How digital learning paths improve and scale customer education
  • The role digital education plays in self-serve customer programs
  • Real world examples of how customer education has impacted digital-led motions

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