Customer Success = Customer Outcomes + Customer Experience Image

Customer Success = Customer Outcomes + Customer Experience

Winning businesses have been paying attention to the customer’s experience for decades now. CX is a fundamental part of building a brand, winning repeat buyers, and engaging happy customers in your Sales & Marketing strategy.

But CX is only one half of the equation.

The painful truth is that happy customers without results are going to churn. It is imperative for every business to drive a positive customer experience while also ensuring that the customer has positive outcomes using your product. This is precisely why Gainsight invested in developing a customer experience platform that complements and enhances our core customer success product. However, before aligning your CX and CS programs it is important to understand the differences between customer experience and customer outcomes. In this exclusive webinar, Tiffani Bova (Global Customer Growth & Innovation Specialist, Salesforce) and Allison Pickens (Chief Customer Officer, Gainsight) will go in-depth on why there’s a clear distinction between customer experience and customer outcomes, and why both of them should roll up to an overarching Customer Success Strategy at your company.

You’ll learn:

  • Who owns the customer experience/outcome in a best practices post-sales organization
  • How to consistently leverage great experiences and outcomes into increased upsell, cross-sell, and retention
  • How to align with Sales & Marketing from early pipeline stages through closed-won, onboarding, and renewal
  • How to dovetail the Buyer’s Journey to the Customer Journey to drive predictable growth
  • And much, much more