Paving the way to product GTM success with PMM

Product Marketing (PMM) sits at the intersection of product management and go-to-market teams – driving home the benefits and key value of each new product feature your team works tirelessly on. How PMM crafts the benefits of your features – using in-app, email, content, and other channels – can make a tremendous impact on your adoption, feature success, and overall business outcomes.

So how do your PM and PMM teams work effectively together to tell the right story?

Learn about:

  • How PM and PMM teams can work hand in hand to build strong, engaging, and omnichannel marketing around new and key features
  • Sharing the right data points, technical aspects, and materials with PMM to create value-added marketing programs
  • Creating compelling feature release marketing via in-app, email and other channels
  • Tracking the ROI of your programs and collaborating for optimized impact on adoption and retention

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