Event Test Transforming CS into a Lead Gen Powerhouse, While Maintaining a Trusted Advisor Status

In this session, you’ll gain firsthand insights into how Customer Success can evolve into a formidable lead generation engine without compromising the trust and rapport established with customers. Learn from real-life experiences and discover actionable strategies to propel your organisation towards greater growth and customer satisfaction.

Watch this webinar by Harri Carroll, CSM, Gainsight and Riccardo Composto, Sr. Director CS, EMEA, Sitecore as they discussed:

  • The role of CS in lead gen and identifying opportunities for upsell and cross-sell without jeopardising trust.
  • Leveraging customer feedback and insights to inform lead generation efforts.
  • Technology and tools utilised to streamline lead generation within the CS organisation.
  • Key metrics for evaluating the effectiveness of your customer success lead generation initiatives.
  • Real-life examples of how Sitecore has successfully balanced customer success and lead generation.

See Gainsight in Action!