How Automation is Revolutionizing Customer Success Image

How Automation is Revolutionizing Customer Success

As companies grow they inevitably have multiple customer segments to manage. The truth is, not all customers should be treated the same. A Customer Success strategy that scales uses technology to extend the reach of the Customer Success team in a way that still drives value for the customer. Embracing automation and 1:Many strategies is becoming a cornerstone of any mature Customer Success strategy. In this webinar, Lauren Olerich, Director of Customer Marketing at Gainsight, and Laura Tubesing, Director of Customer Success at Network for Good, discussed the value of 1:Many outreaches, how to leverage them, and the innovative 1:Many strategy Network For Good has developed. In this webinar, we will specifically cover:
  • What does a healthy 1:Many program look like?
  • How should 1:Many and Customer Marketing interact?
  • Why Network For Good’s uses 1:Many to scale customer outreaches
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