How Mozy Uses Gainsight for Financial Tracking Image

How Mozy Uses Gainsight for Financial Tracking

Have you ever wished your financial tracking workflow wasn’t so tedious and daunting? Join David Knox (Client Strategy Director | Gainsight), Tara Wilson (Customer Success Manager | Mozy) and Céline Brandy (Global Customer Success Manager| Mozy) in a 45 minute webinar. During the webinar, they will discuss issues such as:

  • Leveraging customer success methodology for healthier financial relationships
  • How to use a customer success solution to identify and target t-risk accounts
  • How to create a successful customer success strategy to tackle your financial tracking.

After the presentation concludes, the presenters will be available for a 15 minute Q/A session. Webinar recording and presentation will be available to the audience for future learnings.