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How to Drive More Upsell


Did you know? The fastest growing SaaS companies add 3X more ACV from upsells than companies growing slowly according the 2014 Pacific Crest SaaS Survey.

Upsells accelerate growth, expand Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), and make acquisition spend more efficient. But when it comes to upsells, timing is everything. Knowing when to present an offer to a customer is just as important as knowing what offer to present. Watch as Gainsight Customer Success Evangelist Lincoln Murphy and Steli Efti, Co-Founder and CEO of, dig into the following key questions on using Customer Success to drive expansion with your existing customers:
Specifically, this webinar covers:
  • How can you use Customer Success data to know exactly when to present an upsell offer?
  • How can you use your Customer Success operations to know the best offer to present?
  • Who should own the upsell process in your organization?
When: Recorded November 20, 10:00 AM PST
Who: Steli Efti, Co-Founder and CEO of & Lincoln Murphy, Customer Success Evangelist, Gainsight