Why You Should Choose Gainsight PX for Customer Onboarding & Product Walkthroughs

Data-Driven Walkthroughs and
In-App Engagements
You can’t drive an engagement strategy well without identifying where adoption challenges lie. This can only be surfaced with analytics. With WalkMe, you only have half the solution.

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Enhanced Customer Segmentation
Based off Usage and CRM Data
You need the ability to contextually target engagements based off of historical user behavior and account attributes — in WalkMe, this can’t be done without coding.

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Superior Application
PX is built using modern architecture, which is 100% server side; that means your application won’t slow down the more engagements you build.

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Don’t just take it from us...

Users rank Gainsight PX higher versus WalkMe in nearly every rating category on G2. When it comes to customer onboarding and product walkthroughs, Gainsight leads the way.

Avoid the Trap of an Engagement Tool ThatLacks User Analytics

If your tool does engagement only, how do you know which user groups or aspects of the product are most in need of an in-app guide? How effective was that engagement you launched in terms of driving adoption of a specific feature?

To drive a truly differentiated and personalized product engagement experience, organizations need analytics and engagement on a single platform. Only then can you create a truly data-driven engagement program and measure its impact on adoption and retention—the metrics you actually care about.

Product-Led Growth Best Practices

Whether you’re looking to introduce in-app walkthroughs so you can increase product adoption and retention or whether you need something to help with customer onboarding, success is about more than just the tool; you need a strategy.

Gainsight is a thought leader when it comes to product-led growth. Partnering with us means access to a library of up-to-date content on proven methods and insights to help you tactically drive onboarding, adoption, retention, and expansion via your product.

PX is the Platform of Choice for SMBs to Enterprises Lookingto Drive Better Customer Onboarding

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