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Customer Churn Software

Making more money from your existing customers is the heart of “Customer Success Management”. Moreover, revenue from existing customers becomes a larger part of your company’s economic value. In order to accelerate business success, you need to take churn rates seriously, right from the start.

Gainsight provides Customer Success teams with an integrated system to manage customer retention and reduce churn across the enterprise. Using Gainsight customer churn software, you can increase customer retention by:

  • Getting an early warning about customers that are at-risk of churning
  • Identifying drops in product/service usage
  • Identifying dissatisfied customers

Gainsight customer churn software provides real-time information to better understand your customer needs and develop profiles. With Gainsight, you can be proactive and achieve over 95% on renewals. You can get more visibility into customer loyalty and revenue performance benefits of reduced churn and upsells.

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