Gainsight Glossary

Revenue Management Best Practices

Proactive revenue management enables companies in the subscription economy to enjoy long-term stability and profitability. Gainsight’s customer success platform enables SaaS companies to drive recurring revenue and manage them efficiently.

The Gainsight platform can be leveraged to:

  • Standardize your workflow process
  • Automate daily operations
  • Weave customer success best practices into business processes

Gainsight works to improve customer retention that directly impacts revenue generation and management.

  • Create triggers that notify important milestones such as product renewal date, improvement in the Net Promoter Score, reduction in the number of customer tickets or improvement in customer satisfaction ratings
  • Use centralized dashboard to monitor and track all revenue management metrics

Gainsight’s Lifetime Revenue Management module enables managers to constantly measure churn and assess its impact on revenue.

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