Gainsight Glossary

SaaS Customer Satisfaction

One of the key metrics for SaaS companies is customer satisfaction. A high customer satisfaction rating in an indication of customer retention and high product adoption. Gainsight generates SaaS mertics to drive customer retention workflow across the enterprse.

Gainsight is a customer success platform that monitors and measures the metrics of all the Customer Success activities. You can:

  • Correct trends before a customer becomes a possible churn candidate
  • Monitor transaction history, invoice history, survey history and feature usage history
  • Increase customer retention by providing early warning about possible churn customers

Gainsight’s robust reporting system correlates customer loyalty and revenue generation. Using the report statistics, you can:

  • Expand your knowledge about Customer Success best practices
  • Convert a disparate and disorganized survey process into an effective customer feedback and revenue growth process

To learn more about SaaS customer satisfaction ratings, visit www.gainsight. com.

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