Gainsight Glossary

Subscription Economy

In the subscription economy, the traditional business approaches do not ensure success. The essence of the subscription economy is the business-customer relationship, which do not end with one-time transaction. In the subscription business model, customer focus is the key to business growth and success.

Gainsight, the customer success management company, focuses on building and fostering constructive relationship with customers. Being a subscription company, Gainsight understands the importance of ensuring customer happiness and success to drive sales and revenue. It engages with customers on a personal level to improve customer service. Below are some strategies employed by Gainsight to enhance customer relationship in the subscription economy.

  • Fosters a positive and profitable relationship with customers
  • Ensures to meet customer expectations
  • Responds to queries and addresses concerns without any delay
  • Interacts with customers regularly
  • Rewards customers with discounts, incentives and offers
  • Analyzes customer interactions to identify their current and future needs

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