Create a single source of truth and unlock valuable customer insights from Gainsight for the whole organization.


Shaped by the real-world needs of data analysts, Fivetran is a smart, fast and easy-to-use tool to replicate your data into a high-performance cloud warehouse. Fivetran connectors deploy in minutes and require zero maintenance. With Fivetran, users can combine their data with data from other business applications in a centralized data warehouse, without any engineering resources. Analysts can then access all of their raw data and join disparate data sources for easier, deeper analytics.

Gainsight and Fivetran bring information-rich customer data to your organization’s centralized data warehouse or data lake – Creating one single source of truth and unlocking valuable customer insights from Gainsight for the whole organization.

  • Easy to connect: Fivetran connects to your Gainsight instance using only your login credentials – no coding needed
  • Analytics-ready: Fivetran organizes raw data from Gainsight into an easy to navigate schema, so engineers and analysts can easily locate and combine the data into information-rich dashboards that serve the entire organization.
  • Safe & secure: Block or anonymize customer PII from replicating to the destination with the click of a button.
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