Understand how your users are interacting and focus on the right users and right recordings


Poor user experiences are impacting your company’s bottom line in ways you might not even realize. FullStory automatically discovers, analyzes, and ranks these opportunities so your teams can confidently focus on the improvements that will yield the greatest benefits.

With Gainsight PX and Fullstory, you can deeply understand how your users are interacting with your product in a given point-in-time. Gainsight PX usage analytics helps you focus on the right users and right recordings.

With the FullStory integration, Gainsight PX allows you to easily launch the most relevant session session of the most relevant set of users or jump to the most recent FullStory session from within your Gainsight PX Product Analytics.Enabling this integration is done via the PX integrations tab. Changes are propagated in approximately 5 minutes.

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