Google Analytics

Track and measure performance in Google Analytics.


Gainsight will work with both Classic Google Analytics and the newer Universal Analytics. Gainsight recommends using Universal Analytics where possible. Please view the Universal Analytics Upgrade documentation from Google to learn how you can migrate to the latest version of Google Analytics.

Metrics for a user on your site can only be viewed in Gainsight if there is a unique Account identifier present for that user in both Google Analytics and Salesforce. We will call this the “Usage Data ID”. The Usage Data ID can be a string or number. Examples of valid Usage Data IDs are:

  • Salesforce Account ID
  • Fully Qualified Domain Name
  • Account Identifier used internally at your company

Examples of invalid Usage Data IDs are:

  • Email addresses (may be more than one per account)
  • Customer Name (prone to inconsistencies)
  • Contract Date (neither string nor number)

Once you have decided on a Usage Data ID you must ensure that it is present in both Google Analytics and Salesforce. The Usage Data ID must be kept updated in both locations.


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