Get more Customer Success power for your Gainsight + HubSpot technology stack


Eliminate data gaps between your HubSpot CRM and Gainsight platform using the most robust out-of-the box customer success integration with more than a dozen HubSpot objects. Activate the HubSpot Connector to unlock these benefits: 

  • Easily define and sync company and account structure between Gainsight CS and HubSpot.
  • Sync data between HubSpot engagements and Gainsight Timeline to keep CSMs and sales teams on the same page.
  • Keep Sales, Marketing and CS team activities focused on their respective systems-of-record.
  • Bring Account Managers visibility into Health Scores, Risks, Plans, Survey responses and Customer Sentiment from Gainsight CS.
  • Keep data for Accounts, Contacts, Deals and Engagement up-to-date to optimize collaboration and maximize revenue opportunities.

Deliver fast time-to-value with unmatched data accuracy, workflow consistency and go-to-market potential using Gainsight and HubSpot together. Get more details and request a demo at  

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