Capture customer usage data from your website and transmit it to Gainsight


Segment is a customer data hub that captures customer usage data from your website and transmits the data to Gainsight that is integrated with Segment. Integrate Segment with Gainsight to ingest customer usage data into the Gainsight objects. Segment integration pushes usage data to Gainsight as and when events are captured by Segment, hence configuration is not required for Schedule of the data jobs.

For example, usage data includes the pageviews on a product in an ecommerce site or tracking of the customer activities in your website over a period of time.

Benefits of Gainsight integration with Segment: Analyze the Usage data stored in Gainsight to design a better product, provide amazing customer service, grow your audience with personalized campaigns, etc.

Note: Currently, Segment connector is not available for Europe region.

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