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AI made for real people.

They’re not just customers, they’re people who deserve a world-class customer experience. Get everything you need with Gainsight. 

Illustration showing applications of Gainsight AI within the platform, such as automatically generated meeting action items and increased engagement.

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Crafting Tomorrow's Customer Journeys with the Power of Human-First AI

At Gainsight, we’re committed to infusing every aspect of our products with Human-First AI. Our cutting-edge AI technology transforms how you deliver customer success, empowering you to concentrate on what truly matters while orchestrating intelligent, tailored interactions with your customers on a scale like never before.

Revolutionize Your Business with Human-First AI

Gainsight’s industry-leading AI propels organizations to new heights in growth and customer success. Our approach integrates advanced AI with human insight to deliver unparalleled results.

  • AI-Enhanced Customer Interactions
  • AI-Fueled Growth Strategies
  • AI-Crafted Personalization
  • AI-Accelerated Data Insights
Screenshot showing Gainsight's AI-generated customer cheat sheet, giving summaries of the renewal discussions, strategic priorities, risks, and key projects.

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Gainsight G2 Badges, Spring 2024

2700% Increase in NPS Responses

“We adopted Gainsight CS to manage the entire onboarding process, manage risk, and get more sophisticated about the health of our dealerships.”

Melissa Terrell
EVP of Operations

3900% Increase in NPS Response Rate

“Gainsight PX was revolutionary for us. As a SaaS tool, NPS is very important for us. But prior to adding PX, we were getting maybe 150 NPS responses a quarter.”

Neil James
Chief Operating Officer

Ten-fold increase in engagement

“Gainsight helped us take a different approach to onboarding. We can now observe customers through a lens that tells us what they are trying to accomplish with our products.”

Manish Devgan
Senior Vice President of IoT and Analytics Products

50% Increase In Productivity Per CSM

“I can finally engineer for CS and not just rely on soft skills about how we should handle customers.”

Anna Tighe
Director, Customer Success

25% Increase In Healthy Customers

“We’re working to build customer journeys with digital touch points so that our CSMs can devote more time to our ‘white glove’ customers.”

Monica Perez
Head of Customer Success

The Undisputed Champion of the Category

Proven Leaders In Customer Success & Community Building

Leaders in Building Product Experiences and Driving Adoption

Challenging the conventional workplace and leading a movement

One Vendor. One Platform. Endless Value.

Customer Success, Community, Education and Adoption technology—all on one platform.

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Unlock the Power of Your Data

Unify all of your customer data and tap into industry leading AI tools.
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Create a Single Customer Hub

Provide a seamless community, education, and adoption experience for your customers.
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Accelerate and Extend Value

Leverage a marketplace of prebuilt best practices, templates, and extensions.
Illustration showing how Gainsight's AI-generated customer cheat sheet is created
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Join The World’s Largest CS Community And You’ll Never Be Alone.

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Pulse is Where You Want To Be

It’s the industry’s largest CS conference. Don’t miss it.

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A Crash Course in Customer Success

From career advice, to best-practices, to the history of CS, you’ll learn it here.

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We Wrote the Book on Customer Success

Actually, we wrote a few. Find them here and start your CS journey.

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Gainsight Is a Party and You’re Invited

You’ve never seen a company have as much fun as we do.