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Coastal Cloud helps high growth businesses improve retention and increase revenue by building world-class Customer Success organizations.

Coastal Cloud is a modern business and technology consulting firm that has partnered with 360+ clients to deliver transformational results. A proud Gainsight and Platinum Salesforce Partner, our Customer Success Solutions help our clients improve retention and increase revenue by building world-class, outcome-oriented Customer Success organizations. Our services span the full lifecycle of needs:

The Journey

Ensure your customers achieve their desired results and have a positive experience working with you. Journey services focus on “first things first” to establish the right strategy and charter for your CS org and make sure key programs like on-boarding and renewals are efficient and effective:

  • Customer Success Strategy & Charter
  • Customer Journey Analysis & Design
  • Segmentation & Engagement Strategy

The Team

Build and enable a high-performance organization. We’ll collaborate with CS leadership on defining roles, responsibilities, and playbooks for partnering with sales, marketing, and product:

  • Customer Success Team Organization Planning
  • Change Management
  • Cross-Functional Alignment

The Operations

Build data-driven, scalable programs that predictably deliver results. Operations services focus on what you measure, how you measure, and implementation of scalable tools and technologies:

  • KPI Definition & Measurement Approach
  • Customer Success Tools Selection & Implementation
  • Portfolio Health & Forecasting