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Rocketlane is a purpose-built customer onboarding platform that helps businesses reduce time-to-value and increase their NRR with a transparent and consistent onboarding journey. It uniquely combines project management, live document collaboration, and communication capabilities into one tightly-knit experience.

Rocketlane helps Gainsight users to onboard new customers with repeatable playbooks, impress them and hold them accountable in the journey, and create on-demand visibility into onboarding projects and customer sentiments. It enables your CS teams to play offense from the start, increasing the probability of upsells and cross-sells, and higher NRR.

Why choose Rocketlane

  1. Put onboarding on auto pilot: From streamlining handoffs with built-in intake forms to launching projects with templates, Rocketlane makes onboarding easy and helps to deliver a great first impression.
  2. Keep a tab on customer sentiments: Capture customer sentiments and know when to intervene with native CSATs.
  3. Improve predictability: Push the data, rich with insights and benchmarks into Gainsight to understand and predict the health of customers better.

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