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The Thought Industries Platform enables enterprise organizations to create, manage, monetize, distribute, and analyze their end-to-end customer training initiatives through a modern, user-friendly interface.

With Thought Industries intuitive administrative capabilities including native tools and third-party integrations, businesses boost learner engagement, operationalize processes, and execute an impactful, outcome-driven customer training program to continually drive new revenue. Thought Industries makes it easy to handle complex learning operations at scale to empower growth.

The platform removes the burdensome need for multiple solutions – surpassing the capabilities of a traditional LMS – to execute a single initiative thereby freeing up resources to continue optimizing your business. The powerful, easy-to-use tools help organizations improve their efficiency which helps businesses consolidate their technology, optimize operations, and grow their online learning capabilities.

Thought Industries solution encourages you to leverage non-traditional learning methods that engage your customers and ignite behavioral change. It addresses the unique needs of customer training by breaking the norms set by traditional online learning. Whether you’re offering training to develop professionals or improve your product retention, impactful online training starts with a dynamic, quality experience.

The Thought Industries integration with Gainsight allows your teams to:

  • Deliver dynamic training content directly within the Knowledge Bot
  • Display article and video content based on content tags or keywords
  • Offer users training they can apply immediately directly within your product
  • Drive higher product engagement, adoption, proficiency, and retention
  • Become more than a product, become a thought leader and resource for the industry you serve