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UserVoice helps growing SaaS businesses understand customer needs clearly. By bridging the gap between Customer Success, Product Management, and customers, UserVoice empowers organizations to live up to their commitment to customer-centricity.

UserVoice’s Gainsight integration provides CSMs with an always-up-to-date view of an account’s requests and their current status, making it an indispensable tool for driving proactive product update discussions during QBRs and renewal calls. And, when new feedback is shared during those calls, the integration makes it as easy as ever to capture feedback and associate it with the relevant account.

Current supported functionality:

  • View an account’s product feedback (and the status of that feedback) from within the C360 view
  • Capture product feedback for an account from the C360 view

As the importance of strong relationships between Product Management and Customer Success teams has grown over the years, so has UserVoice’s commitment to bridging the gap that often exists between these two key groups. The Gainsight Integration is the latest piece of functionality enabling close, continuous collaboration between Product and CS.

For more than a decade, UserVoice has been the go-to product feedback solution for customer-centric software companies. Leading organizations such as Microsoft, Procore, and Box use UserVoice to:

  • Tame the feedback chaos by creating a single, centralized system of record for customer feedback.
  • Empower customer-facing teams to be internal champions for customer teams by enabling them to effortlessly capture and share customer feedback.
  • Eliminate the “feedback black hole” by streamlining communication between Product Management and customer-facing teams regarding updates on requested features.
  • Paint a clearer picture of the customer demand and business opportunity represented by feedback by enriching ideas with customer data.