Demand for Gainsight Essentials Skyrockets as More Startups and Growth-Stage Companies Focus on Durable Growth Image

Demand for Gainsight Essentials Skyrockets as More Startups and Growth-Stage Companies Focus on Durable Growth

Since their launch in March, over 100 companies have purchased Essentials and Essentials Plus, CS solutions that deliver value in as little as two weeks

San Francisco, California (November 3, 2022) Gainsight, the platform for Durable Growth™, today announced several significant milestones as momentum for Gainsight Essentials continues to accelerate. Over 100 companies have purchased Essentials since it was launched in late March as an easier-to-buy, easier-to-implement, easier-to-use version of Gainsight’s industry-leading Customer Success platform. And at least 30 of these companies switched over from other solutions to Gainsight Essentials. Over the last few months, well-known brands such as Calendly, Chewy, Dialpad, Glean, Olive Technologies, Salsify, and Turvo have chosen Essentials to launch their customer success programs and build durable growth.

Gainsight Essentials and Essentials Plus were purpose-built to help companies of any stage and size start and scale with Gainsight’s Customer Success platform in as little as two weeks. The average time to value for Essentials and Essentials Plus customers is four and eight weeks, respectively.

Essentials and Essentials Plus customers can also participate in the Essentials Accelerator program which connects them to people, technology, and best practices via a series of bootcamps, office hours, and 1:1 mentorship alongside a cohort of similar companies.

Buyer interest in Gainsight Essentials aligns to heightened appreciation among early-stage companies for the value of customer success. According to McKinsey & Company’s research “SaaS and the Rule of 40: Keys to the critical value creation metric,” net retention is one of the most important metrics and is highly correlated to value multiples for SaaS companies. This tracks with data shared by Bain & Company in its State of Customer Success session at Gainsight’s Pulse conference in August. Bain found that ~90% of companies expect to maintain or increase their share of Customer Success in a recession, and 48% said that Customer Success is needed to promote customer retention in a recession.

These data points are backed up by feedback from Gainsight Essentials customers:

“Gainsight Essentials is helping us grow more efficiently, which is an absolute must in the current market. It serves smaller companies who are trying to get their Customer Success programs up and running and fills a major gap in the industry,” said Casey Baldin, Director of Customer Success at Olive Technologies.

Lauren Kennedy, Head of Customer Success at Glean concurs. “Gainsight Essentials has been easy and quick to implement and get value from. What’s great about Essentials is that it also gives us the flexibility and customization that the Gainsight platform has always offered.”

Essentials’ momentum was also visible on software review website as Gainsight, a longtime leader in G2’s Enterprise Customer Success software category, was also recognized as a leader in the mid-market category (50-1,000 employees) for the first time.

“As Customer Success has become more mainstream, we realized our best practices and technology could be used by early-stage companies to scale, which is what led us to develop Essentials,” said Scott Salkin, SVP and GM of Essentials at Gainsight. “In the current market with its emphasis on efficiency and scale, these new solutions have become integral to building durable growth for companies of all sizes.”

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