Gainsight Announces Digital Offerings to Redefine How Customer Success Teams Drive Efficient Growth Image

Gainsight Announces Digital Offerings to Redefine How Customer Success Teams Drive Efficient Growth

Highlights in this release:

  • New Digital Hub product line from Gainsight supports self-service customer success
  • A new digital package that makes it easy for companies to orchestrate Digital Customer Success programs
  • Recent Gainsight research indicates only 36% of companies have a “Digital Touch” motion, presenting a significant opportunity to increase the capacity and efficiency of CSMs by adopting more digital approaches.

San Francisco, California (May 18th, 2023): Gainsight today announced the launch of multiple product offerings designed to help companies elevate customer experiences while also improving the scale and efficiency of their Customer Success practices. The announcements were made during the keynote on product announcements at its 10th annual Pulse conference held at Moscone Center.

Businesses have been using Gainsight’s market-leading products to scale the reach and impact of their Customer Success initiatives across the entire customer journey. To date, Gainsight customers have already:

  • Engaged one billion participants in digitally orchestrated journeys
  • Received 295 million in-app engagement views that are driving better onboarding and increasing feature adoption
  • Drawn over 10 million unique monthly visitors to online customer communities

The new product announcements place focus on driving Digital Customer Success in response to the current economic climate, where the cost efficiency of customer retention and expansion efforts have become critical measures of long-term viability and valuation for every company.

“Digital customer success is on every customer success leader’s mind in the current economy,” says Karl Rumelhart, President of Products, Technology, and Global Operations at Gainsight. “Their teams are expected to work more efficiently while elevating the customer experience to capture more expansion and retention revenue with fewer resources. And Gainsight is here to help.”

Unlike traditional tech-touch approaches, Digital Customer Success blends human capabilities with digital technology to elevate customer experiences while also driving down customer retention/expansion costs.

“Digital success has allowed our lines of business to understand customers better, resulting in more personalized support that meets their specific needs. We have exceeded industry-leading benchmarks in open rates, click-through rates, and engagement rates throughout our program; subsequently improving overall customer experience by making customers feel valued and appreciated,” said Nic Morales, Vice President of Customer Success at Alteryx.

Making it easy to go digital
Gainsight made two announcements that meet the industry’s priorities for Digital Customer success while extending the company’s market leadership in the category:

  • Digital Hub: Designed for Centralized, Self-Service Digital Customer Success. Digital Hub is a new product line by Gainsight, designed to drive self-service digital customer success through a centralized community, knowledge center, and 1:many engagements. The packages within this product line are also designed to work seamlessly with Gainsight’s existing products (Gainsight CS and Gainsight PX).
  • Digital Customer Success Package: Designed to blend in-person, in-app, and community interactions. A new packaged offering designed to combine journey orchestration, in-app engagement, and community capabilities. This is the only offering in the market that helps businesses digitally connect their teams, their products, and their communities to drive 1:1, 1:Few, and 1:Many programs in a scalable way.

“We have generated 2,000 leads via Community sessions for customers who are
interested in attaching additional products,” said Jonas Rieke, Chief Operations Officer at Personio, a Gainsight Digital Hub customer.

Gainsight also unveiled the Digital Customer Success Maturity Model and a 19-company Digital Advisory board. Based on quantitative and qualitative research from companies like Okta, SAP Concur, Workday, and Drift, the model maps organizations to three stages of Digital Customer Success maturity:

  • Proactive: Businesses offering self-service and 1:many programs that guide customers to value with centralized content and scalable engagement.
  • Personalized: Businesses creating distinct user journeys to influence successful behaviors powered by data-driven automation.
  • Predictive: Businesses creating intelligent customer experiences to drive outcomes powered by omnichannel technology.

Digital Customer Success is a key focus in 2023:

Gainsight will soon publish research to benchmark compensation and capacity across the Customer Success function in North America and Europe. Findings include:

  • 97% of organizations report having a customer success organization
  • Only 36% of companies reported they have an approach using “Digital Touch or Digital Customer Success,” yet
  • Over one-half of companies (51%) are planning to introduce “Digital Touch Customer Success” in 2023

These findings highlight the appetite and momentum of Digital Customer Success.

About Pulse
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Learn more about Digital Hub and the Digital Customer Success Maturity Model by registering for our webinar series, Chef’s Kiss: Digital Customer Success Recipes..

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