Gainsight Partners with Product School to Offer Product-Led Growth Micro-Certification Course Image

Gainsight Partners with Product School to Offer Product-Led Growth Micro-Certification Course

Free course covers PLG essentials with hands-on experience powered by Gainsight PX

San Francisco, California (August 4, 2022) Gainsight has partnered with Product School, the global leader in Product Management Training, to offer an online course and micro-certification in Product-led Growth (PLG). The free course has been designed for Product Management professionals who want to play a more strategic role in driving growth for their companies and enhance their PLG skill sets.

PLG has changed the game for SaaS vendors that are looking to transition into a more durable growth strategy. Product-led growth companies are now growing at a rate that is 2x faster than traditional SaaS companies—yet it is still very aspirational for most businesses. Thus, the future success of many organizations will rely on product organizations more than ever.

This will require product teams to not only lead in product development, but in driving cross-functional business outcomes that put the product at the center of the customer experience, from acquisition to expansion. This new responsibility will require product leaders to attain new skills and develop a new way of thinking.

Gainsight and Product School have partnered to create a self-paced learning course on how to apply PLG strategies to launch in-product experiments and make more effective, data-driven roadmap decisions

The online course, which is available now, consists of five sections: Getting Started with PLG; Setting Your PLG Strategy Up for Success; Acquiring and Converting Customers Using the Product; PLG Strategies to Drive Adoption and Stickiness; and Prioritizing your Roadmap for Growth. The immersive course has been designed to include both theoretical and practical elements with hypothetical scenarios that require participants to implement PLG playbooks. Participants also get hands-on experience using the Gainsight PX platform to analyze product usage data, drive in-product experiments, and build a feedback loop.

Upon completion of the course, participants will have achieved both a practical and theoretical understanding of PLG, along with a Product-Led Growth Micro-Certification from Gainsight and Product School. Since course enrollment opened up earlier this month, nearly 6000 Product Management professionals have signed up.

“Over the past decade, PLG has evolved from a niche strategy to a core component of software company business plans,” said Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia, CEO of Product School. “Gainsight and Product School have been at the forefront of helping software companies understand and implement PLG, and we are excited to share lessons learned and best practices with the next generation of Product Management professionals.”

“This course is a terrific opportunity for Product Management professionals to practice basic growth tactics and experience the role of a modern Product Manager firsthand,” said Mickey Alon, CTO and Founder of Gainsight PX at Gainsight. “Our course was developed by product professionals with real-world experience developing and executing PLG initiatives, and this certification aims to get participants up to speed quickly on the latest and most effective PLG strategies.”

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