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Gainsight to Help Zoom Drive High-Value Customer Interactions at Scale

San Francisco, California (December 8, 2022) Gainsight announced today that Zoom Video Communications, Inc. has selected Gainsight to help the organization with both high-touch and long-tail Customer Success capabilities they need to achieve scale, improve retention, and increase visibility into customer data.

Gainsight will help Zoom coordinate human and digital outreach in one integrated customer journey, providing Customer Success Managers, Renewal Managers, and Customer Success Admins with automated support and integrated workflows to help them increase retention at scale.

Zoom is an industry-leading video communications platform that connects enterprises, small businesses, and individuals through video communications. As the company’s growth accelerated from 2018-2022, it became clear that Zoom needed a Customer Success solution with a deep set of capabilities that would allow them to scale and optimize for the future. The Gainsight Journey Orchestrator tool, in particular, was seen as an upgrade, delivering a blend of human and digital outreach at scale to deliver a high-quality communication experience for Zoom’s customers.

“Customer success is no longer an option for the SaaS industry. As it continues to scale, Zoom is recognizing the need to align more closely with our customers’ goals and drive better success outcomes,” said Jim Mercer, Global Head of Customer Success at Zoom. “We’re excited to team up with Gainsight in building this future together.”

Companies everywhere are aggressively investing in software-as-a-service models that require a company-wide, dedicated customer success initiative. Gainsight recently reported that churn reduction and product adoption are top priorities for SaaS companies.

“We couldn’t be more pumped to team up with Zoom. As the company continues to scale and build durable growth, Gainsight CS’s innovative technology will help Zoom increase customer retention and NRR,” said Jeff Depa, CRO of Gainsight.

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Jordan Sher
Vice President, Corporate and Brand Marketing