Leading Customer Success Company Gainsight Highlights Year Of Record Growth Image

Leading Customer Success Company Gainsight Highlights Year Of Record Growth

Introduction of New Capabilities Enable Enterprise-Wide Collaboration on Customer Health

[San Francisco – March 12, 2018] — Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, today announced it delivered another year of record growth fueled by the introduction of a set of breakthrough technologies that further cements its leadership in Customer Success. Gainsight now manages an active roster of customers that, includes 50% of all publicly traded cloud companies, and 60% of top software companies. Over the past three years, Gainsight’s revenue has grown over 1000 percent, and increased its customer base with brands such as Adobe and Workday.

While much of the technology industry has made the transition to SaaS-based or recurring-revenue business models, today the shift is sweeping traditional businesses as well as they embark on digital transformation. According to a 2016 IDC report, by 2018 67% of the 1,000 largest global companies in the world will make digital transformation a key strategic initiative; while a 2017 survey by Gartner showed that 42% of CEOs have begun digitally transforming their business. As a result, businesses are now required to deliver customer outcomes, using software like Gainsight’s Customer Success platform to proactively monitor and manage the health of their customers while driving them toward their desired business outcomes.

“Companies are doubling down on customer-driven growth channels, such as renewals and expansions, as critical to create and grow recurring revenue” said Gainsight CEO, Nick Mehta. “Our growth is attributed to our own focus on the success of our customers — working alongside them to understand customer signals and build prescriptive processes for driving outcomes. Each new feature is a reflection of our commitment to enable Customer Success.”

New Product Capabilities Empower Enterprise-Wide Collaboration on Customer Success

At the heart of Gainsight’s growth has been the introduction of functionality that makes it easy for communication and sharing of vital customer information amongst customer stakeholders. Some of the new features that make up the Gainsight platform include:

  • Sally the AI Bot – Sally is an AI-powered bot that enables interaction with Gainsight data and functionality within a user’s favorite channels. Sally allows you to get answers to a diverse set of questions about your customers, receive Gainsight notifications, update customer data and get insight into risks and opportunities. Sally’s Natural Language Processing makes rich Gainsight data easily accessible through simple conversation and her machine-learning technology helps her get smarter with each interaction. Sally is available for Slack today, and will soon be available to interact over other channels including email and other collaboration tools.
  • Gainsight Sharing – Gainsight Dashboards and Customer 360s can now be shared externally, providing the vendor, partners and customers a single source of truth, as well as enabling everyone involved in an account to coordinate and prioritize their activities around desired outcomes.
  • Timeline – Log and view customer activities on a timeline to capture rich, contextual information and easily understand a customer’s history. Timeline provides a central location for anyone who touches an account to input notes, updates or summaries on their customer interactions. It preserves the valuable contextual history of person-to-person interactions and makes it easily accessible through dynamic searching and reporting.

“Sally has made customer insight effortlessly accessible across our company,” said Jocelyn Brown, VP of Customer Success at Allocadia. “Anyone who is planning to speak with a customer only has to chat with Sally to get all the information they need to have a high value, in context interaction with that customer. In a matter of minutes any member of the team can be equipped to interact with customers.”

Over 5000 Executives Expected at Pulse 2018 — the Industry Conference for Customer Success

Gainsight also announced today that their annual conference for the Customer Success industry, Pulse 2018, is expected to welcome over 5000 Customer Success professionals to San Mateo, CA this April 10 – 11. Pulse is the destination for the Customer Success community to gather annually to share best practices, network with peers, and celebrate being pioneers of the profession. The keynote stage will welcome Customer Success leaders from GE, Microsoft, ADP, Okta, Yext and more.

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