Gainsight Continues Acceleration with Record ARR Growth in FY’22 Image

Gainsight Continues Acceleration with Record ARR Growth in FY’22

The company hit multiple major milestones, enhanced its PX functionality, and made a strategic community platform acquisition, all while adding large enterprise accounts

San Francisco, California (March 17, 2022) Gainsight announced the completion of its 2022 fiscal year, during which the company exceeded its growth expectations, expanded its customer base, completed a strategic acquisition, grew its employee count, and enhanced its products, among other notable achievements. 

“Our customer and product communities are growing like never before,” said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. “I’m more fired up than ever by the direction of our industry, and how the ideas of customer-led, product-led, and community-led growth are transforming the ways companies grow.”

Gainsight’s fiscal year 2022 highlights included:

Large Enterprise Customer Growth Across Industries

Gainsight continued to grow its share of the Customer Success and Product Experience markets with multiple large enterprise wins, including its largest Product Experience deal ever. Gainsight’s customer base now includes nearly 200 public companies. New and notable customers include Refinitiv, HMH, Trend Micro, and Powerschool.

Gainsight CS and PX Products Deliver More Opportunities For Companies To Drive Durable, Consistent, Customer-Led and Product-Led Growth 

Gainsight CS – Gainsight made CS easier to use by redesigning several areas of the product using its Horizon Design system, and enhanced its survey settings to give teams more control over how NPS and CSAT are calculated within Gainsight.

The company also extended the availability of its AI-powered bot, Sally, into Microsoft Teams, and added the ability to include renewal analytics within its Horizon Analytics Dashboards. It also made enhancements to its Playbooks and Success Plans features  to help Customer Success Managers improve their productivity by allowing them to more easily manage their daily tasks within Gainsight CS. 

Gainsight PX – Transformative enhancements were made to the Gainsight PX Knowledge Center Bot with the addition of Article Editor, which allows users to increase feature adoption and awareness by creating great-looking product release “note cards,” including embedding multimedia files. The company also released enhancements to its multi-question survey with ability to display multiple questions in a single step for optimized completion rates. Significant upgrades were made to the Gainsight PX Mobile SDK to natively support hybrid mobile applications. The company also built on its strength of supporting businesses with multiple products by launching Gainsight PX Multi-Subscription Admin which enables the management of global throttling and template sharing, making it easier to seamlessly orchestrate user experience across products. And Gainsight introduced a product mapper enhancement which adds heat mapping of instrumented features on each application page, making it easy to identify areas of the product that have been mapped or not. 

Gainsight Announces Pulse Impact to Expand Customer Success Employment Opportunities

Gainsight doubled-down on its support of the communities where its employees, customers, and stakeholders work and live through the launch of Pulse Impact. Inspired by an industry-wide movement for greater Customer Success growth and market performance, Pulse Impact advances an equitable, human-first CS industry culture by addressing professional barriers to success and promoting an inclusive community that reflects the diverse world around us. Led by Gainsight’s Senior Vice President & Chief of Staff, Robin Merritt, key components of the program include job training and mentorship, DEI initiatives, strategic communications, shared platforms and curriculum.

Gainsight Makes Strategic Acquisition of Industry-Leading Community Platform

In January 2022, Gainsight acquired InSided, based in Amsterdam, adding to its portfolio a Customer Success Community platform uniquely designed to leverage the power of communities to drive product engagement and adoption, increase retention, and build lasting customer relationships. In conjunction with the acquisition, Gainsight named Robin van Lieshout, CEO and Founder of InSided, to the position of General Manager. 

Gainsight Grew Its Team and Earned Multiple Awards 

Also in January 2022, Gainsight announced the appointment of Brian Shelton to CFO. The company now has over 1,000 employees, an increase of 40% year-over-year. Additionally, Gainsight was awarded the Excellence in Engineering Award and Nick Mehta received the Top Individual Contributor Award (Flagship Fund) from the company’s investor, Vista Equity Partners.

Finally, Gainsight garnered the highly competitive Great Place To Work award from Great Place to Work for the second year in a row, and Mickey Alon, CTO of Gainsight PX, was named one of the Top 25 CTOs in 2022.

About Gainsight

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