Learning about Customer
Success and CS Ops

What is Customer Success Operations (CS Ops)?

The CS Ops overall mission typically involves driving operational excellence and efficiency of the CS team to ensure positive business outcomes.

Companies invest in CS Ops as a strategy to drive retention, expansion, advocacy, and efficiency.

Top responsibilities include systems & tools to support the customer experience, data and analytics for business insights, program management and process development to operationalize and scale the business.

Best-in-class CS Ops serve as thought partners for strategic initiatives and can execute to get it done.


Why does CS Ops matter?

CS Ops impacts key business growth levers like Bookings & Retention, Gross Margin, Opex & Profit, and Customer Economics. They do this by enhancing CS team performance through optimization and automation. Companies that are scaling successfully are investing in operations.

In many cases, Customer Success teams can own a larger install base of revenue than the company’s net new sales number. This highlights why the need for CS Ops to help drive positive customer business outcomes is so critical.

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Sample Gainsight Administrator Job Description

For additional details, refer to this sample CS Ops job description.

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What are some common skills you need to work in a CS Ops role?

Icon Skill

Project management
and prioritization of
time and tasks

Icon Skill

Comfortable reviewing
data and uncovering trends

Icon Skill

Analytical mindset with
an emphasis on process,
workflows, and results

Icon Skill

Technical aptitude of
systems and tools (like
Microsoft Excel)

Icon Skill

(verbal and written)
and collaboration

Icon Skill

Quick learner with the ability
to help enable and manage
change across the team

Icon Skill

Adaptability and

Icon Skill

Self-sufficiency and
ability to perform
under pressure

Icon Skill

Problem Solving

Where can I learn more about CS Ops?

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Is there more I can do to prepare for a career in CS Ops? What other training or resources would be useful in the CS Ops career?

 1. Watch recordings from the Pulse Everywhere conference CS Ops Sessions:

2. Consider free online courses on project management, communications, problem solving, and Microsoft Excel to build a foundation for working with data

3. Expand your general knowledge of the Customer Success industry:

  • The Customer Success Professional’s Handbook ($17 ebook)
  • Pulse+: Want to learn more about your primary customer, the CSM Team? Pulse+ is an online media platform that combines premium eLearning and industry-grade certifications with exclusive content and behind-the-scenes stories of brands and thought leaders who exemplify the true spirit of customer success.

4. Dive deeper into working with data and technologies:

5. Start your Gainsight Customer Success platform certification with a Level 1 Gainsight Associate Administrator Certificate:

  • Gainsight University: If your CS Ops role includes managing the Gainsight Platform, this is your home for Gainsight product training and additional levels of Certification.
  • Gainsight Go Technical Support: Great place to read up on specific parts of the platform

We’re here for our underrepresented communities.
Check out these opportunities with SV Academy.

Gainsight has partnered with EdTech master, SV Academy, on our mission to level the playing field for underrepresented communities in Customer Success and to support our Veterans returning to civilian life.

Click here to learn more about the program which trains underrepresented individuals and Veterans and then places them in entry-level CS Associate and CS Ops Associate apprenticeship roles at companies.

Good luck in your CS Ops Career!

For questions and feedback, email cscareers@gainsight.com.