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Gainsight Product Experience accelerates the complete, end-to-end digital customer journey.

With easy-to-use, in-app engagements, deep usage analytics, and complete customer feedback programs, you can:

  • Improve adoption in a matter of weeks with targeted in-app guides
  • Scale 1:many customer communications instantly through your product
  • Improve customer feedback collection 3900% using in-app surveys
  • Pinpoint and act upon where customers are encountering friction in your product

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Better Communicate
in Product

“When it came to executing in-app engagements, Gainsight PX made it easy. We’re using Gainsight PX in a really smart way that allows us to communicate more effectively with customers. We could never have done that before without spending lots of money and time.”

Desma Tucker
Head of Customer Operations, Arbor Education

Massively Increase Sentiment Collection

“We have seen a pretty significant increase in the response rate to NPS from when we migrated from email to in-app survey (2700%). We’ve expanded the amount of data we’re capturing, which is better for getting signal.”

Melissa Terrell
Executive Vice President of Operations, Dealerware

Deliver New Differentiators for Product Teams

“The capabilities Gainsight PX provides are some of the key differentiators for our customers. PX is the essential pillar in our product strategy.”

Manish Devgan
SVP IoT & Analytics, SoftwareAG

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Customer Success

Drive retention and expansion at scale with 360 customer views and automated best practices.

Product Experience

Improve user adoption with in-app engagements and meaningful product analytics.

Customer Communities

Give your customers a single hub for anytime, anywhere, self-service.

Customer Education

Digitize customer onboarding and training with on-demand  education.

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