Gainsight Referral Program Terms and Conditions

By using, participating in, sending or receiving links from or to (collectively referred herein as “use”) the Gainsight Referral Program (the “Referral Program”), you understand, acknowledge, and agree to these Gainsight Referral Program Terms and Conditions (these “Referral Program Terms”). 

Gainsight offers the Referral Program on an AS IS, WHERE IS basis with no guarantees or warranties, express or implied. This Referral Program is void where such referral programs are prohibited by law.


Referrer: In order to qualify for a Referral Bonus (defined below), you must be an employee of a current Gainsight client and not prohibited from participating in the Referral Program by any applicable law or contractual agreement with, or corporate policy issued by, your employer (a “Referrer”) who refers Gainsight’s products and/or services (“Gainsight Services”) to a contact at a company that is not an existing Gainsight client or currently in negotiations with Gainsight about becoming a Gainsight client (“New Prospects”) by sending them the unique personal referral link which Gainsight will provide you electronically through your personal Gainsight Referral Program dashboard (“Unique Link”). You can send this Unique Link via email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform. 

If you reside in the United States then for every New Prospect that: (1) has a decision maker participate in a 60-minute Gainsight product demonstration, Gainsight will provide you with an electronic gift card in the amount of $50.00 USD (the “Demo Referral Bonus”) and (2) purchases Gainsight Services through a Gainsight subscription agreement within one year of your referral, Gainsight will provide you with an electronic gift card in the amount of $150.00 USD  (the “Subscription Referral Bonus” and together with the Demo Referral Bonus, collectively, a “Referral Bonus”). If you do not reside in the United States you may claim your electronic gift card in your local currency, provided it is offered by Tango Cards. If your local currency is not offered by Tango Cards then your gift card(s) will be issued in United States Dollars (USD).


Each Referrer may receive up to an aggregate $599.00 USD in gift cards under the Referral Program, regardless of how many of your referrals result in New Prospects. Redemption of any Tango Cards gift card is subject to the terms of the gift card.

In the event that Gainsight receives multiple referrals to a single company, only the first referral that leads to a product demonstration will count as a successful referral.

Please don’t send any “spam” or illegal emails; or create bulk communications (e.g. mass text blasts; automated postings on Internet forums/ instant messages/phone calls); or endorse us without disclosing this promotion; or otherwise break the law when you are sending your Unique Links.


Gainsight reserves the right to: (1) enter into any agreements with any New Prospect on terms and conditions acceptable to Gainsight, or to not enter into any agreements at all and (2) at any time to modify or discontinue the Referral Program, either temporarily or permanently (or any part thereof), and with or without prior notice. Gainsight will not be liable to you in the event of any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Referral Program.

Your use of the Gainsight Referral Program dashboard used to distribute your Unique Link is at your own risk.

The Referral Bonus is inclusive of applicable federal, provincial, state, local or other governmental sales, goods and services, fees or charges imposed by a government authority (“Taxes”). Referrer agrees and acknowledges that Referrer is responsible for the report and remittance of all applicable Taxes that arise from the Referral Bonus. 

Referrer is not an agent or employee of Gainsight nor is Referrer authorized or permitted to make any representations or warranties on Gainsight’s behalf. At any time during the term of the Referral Program, should the term “partnership,” “partner” or “Referrer” be used to describe the parties’ relationship under this arrangement, the parties agree to make it clear to third parties that these terms refer only to the spirit of cooperation between the parties and do not describe or create the legal status of partners or joint venturers.


The Referral Program Terms and the Referral Program shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, without giving effect to the principles of conflicts of law. Any disputes under the Referral Program Terms shall be resolved exclusively by the applicable state or federal courts located San Mateo, California.