Discover the latest insights and benchmarks on the state of Customer Success in 2023 with Gainsight’s annual Customer Success Index. Gainsight in partnership with Benchmarkit and The Customer Success Network, has asked CS individuals and teams of different sizes and industries in Europe what has changed over the year and what trends they are seeing. This year we’ve learned something big…we’re at an inflection point.

This essential guide will help you see how companies have evolved within the last year from just “firefighting” to taking proactive measures to keep customers happy. We’ve measured the maturity and business impact of the Customer Success function over the last 12 months and some trends have emerged.

What’s New in the 2023 Customer Success Index?
This year, we delve deeper into how companies are utilizing Digital Customer Success, in a time when everyone is being told to “do more with less.” Beyond Digital CS, we also will share findings on:

  • Presence and strategic importance of Customer Success within organizations
  • Primary Measurement of Customer Success Performance
  • Primary Company Performance Metrics Impacted by Customer Success
  • The criteria and strategies employed to deliver digital-first Customer Success experiences
  • Process and Platforms Used to Increase Customer Success Efficiency

Download the 2023 Customer Success Index now to gain invaluable insights and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of Customer Success. Elevate your organization’s performance, boost customer satisfaction, and drive sustainable growth with data-driven strategies backed by industry-leading research.

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