Unlock the Power of CS to Connect the Entire Enterprise Around a Seamless Customer Experience

Customer success is a department, but it’s also an ethos. In other words, the work of CS touches every department. That means it’s crucial that cross-functional work is centered around creating a seamless customer experience that drives more and more value for end users.

The ability for CS to collaborate cross-functionally with Sales, Marketing, and Product teams can be make-or-break for not just CS, but the entire business. When customer touchpoints don’t have a clear handoff between teams, it can lead to churn and missed opportunities to deliver and demonstrate value to customers. That’s where building a company-wide culture of customer centricity comes in.

Adam Joseph, Regional Vice President of Customer Success, EMEA, Gainsight, sat down with customer success leaders across the globe to discuss the pillars, benefits, and ROI of creating a customer success culture that connects the entire enterprise.

We’ve collected learnings from the podcast series that highlight thought leadership from:

  • Henry Trevelyan Thomas, Vice President of Customer Success at Tessian
  • Eduardo Amorim, Global Head of Customer Success at SendCloud
  • Michelle MacCarthy, Global Head of Customer Success at Unit4

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