TSIA and Gainsight: Driving Customer Success at Scale Image

TSIA and Gainsight: Driving Customer Success at Scale

As companies look to achieve sustained growth and profitability over time, they are investing in
Customer Success organizations to help secure customer relationships and drive revenue expansion activities. Until now, early Customer Success pioneers have been left largely to their own devices to figure it out as they go. By leveraging TSIA’s Seven Steps to Customer Success at Scale framework, companies can ensure they have the right people, processes, and technology in place—supported by the right metrics and funding model—to ensure long-term success. The Seven Steps are:

  • Define your Customer Success charter
  • Secure funding for you Customer Success organization
  • Establish Customer Success processes
  • Use metrics to measure your Customer SUccess function
  • Hire Customer SUccess staff with the right skills
  • Develop the right Customer Success offers
  • Implement the right Customer Success technology infrastructure