In episode 3 of the Gainsight Gamechanger Podcast, Adam Joseph, Director of Customer Success, EMEA at Gainsight sits down with Matt Myszkowski (VP EMEA Customer Success Services at SAP), Alex Tran (Client Outcomes Manager at Gainsight), Shari Srebnick (Head of Client Success US at Searchmetrics), and Emma Rogers (Customer Success Manager at Listen to the full episode and access Adam's summary by unlocking the content. Subscribe today on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

Ep 03: Customer Success and Mental Health (Part 1)

Openness. Vulnerability. Understanding. Mental health is something we all should be discussing, especially in times like these. The current economic downturn, global pandemic, and social inequalities are causing stress and strain. But how do you incorporate this discussion about dealing with mental health issues into the professional environment without negatively impacting you and those around you? In this two-part series Game Changer podcast, Adam Joseph, Director of CS for Gainsight-EMEA, discusses a subject often avoided in professional circles. He is joined by Emma Rogers, Customer Success Manager at Reed.Co.UK; Shari Srebnick, the then head of Client Success at Search Metrics-US; Alex Tran, a Customer Outcomes Manager at Gainsight; and Matt Myszkowski, Vice President of Customer Success Management for SAP-EMEA. They all share their personal and professional struggles, insights, and achievements with refreshing honesty, managing mental health issues. [minti_divider style="1" icon="" margin="60px 0px 60px 0px"] Want to join the conversation? You can do it by: