In episode 14 of the Gainsight Gamechanger Podcast, Adam Joseph, Director of Customer Success, EMEA at Gainsight sits down with Samantha Samuels, Head of Partnerships, Friendbuy. Listen to the full episode and access Adam's summary by unlocking the content. Subscribe today on: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

Ep 14: Lessons in Customer Success: Multitasking, Delegating, and Asking "Why?"

Anyone who has been in a customer success role knows how ‘crazy busy’ it can be. You are often responsible for managing a diverse and challenging customer base, as well as navigating some internal obstacles. It can seem all-consuming. Some of our friends in the Customer Success world seemed to have mastered the art of the CS role. One such person is Samatha Samuels, former Head of Customer Success at Friendbuy, now the Head of Partnerships. Friendbuy is a SaaS platform powering referral programs for the world’s most recognizable e-commerce companies; from Dollar Shave Club, to Walmart, Intuit, Disney and Nestle. Being a CS leader in a technology-first company that enables brands to scale efficiently and deepen customer loyalty, can be a hard balance. In this GameChanger Podcast, Adam Joseph speaks with Samantha about the effective way she handles stress (Hint: turn off Slack and email in the morning), how it impacts her work with colleagues, achieving the customer goal by leveraging the product, and following her best advice “work smarter, not harder.” Also listen in for her recommendations of forming the best CS teams, understanding the lessons of failure, and what technique helps her be more productive. [minti_divider style="1" icon="" margin="60px 0px 60px 0px"] Want to join the conversation? You can do it by: