In the 2nd episode of season 2 of the Gainsight Gamechanger Podcast, Adam Joseph, RVP of Customer Success at Gainsight, sits down with Christophe Labreure, VP of Customer Success at Nexthink.

Season 2, Episode 2: The Definition of Value at Nexthink

Customer value is a crucial part of any business. Making sure your product is helping your clients achieve their goals is important. But how do you gather this information and use it correctly? In this episode of The Gamechanger Podcast, our host Adam Joseph sits with Christophe Labreure, Vice President of Customer Success at Nexthink, to talk about a widely used term: customer value. Christophe tells us his definition of customer value, the importance of quantification, and how to recognize achievable value. Plus, he shares why too much focus on value can be counterproductive. Join this conversation and learn from this expert the best practices around value from a CSM.
  • (00:53) - Customer value: What it is and why it isn’t easy to achieve - “It's all about providing customer value by helping your customer achieve their goals using your products or services.”
  • (02:26) - Who is Christophe and what is his work in Nexthink - “Our objective is to proactively reduce the number of incidents any user is facing by using a computer. Less incidents is better productivity and efficiency, but also much better satisfaction.”
  • (05:39) - Christophe’s definition of value and the importance of quantifying - “It's also about when your solution and services have a positive impact on your customer business, and we can measure that impact and we can quantify that impact.”
  • (08:15) - Keeping track at a bigger scale - “It's important to track the value from the very beginning and to transfer the knowledge of the value from a department to other departments, and to do that, you need apps or tools.”
  • (11:09) - Asking the right questions and the best traits of a CSM - “You need to be a well-trained CSM in the goal, not only on the solution and with some soft skills: capacity to listen and to ask some very open questions.”
  • (13:27) - Recognizing achievable value vs. unrealistic value - “Sometimes maybe you need to resell the solution from scratch. But I think it's a two-step approach quantifying and building an action plan.”
  • (18:28) - Health scores and other indicators - “We have a health score calculated for each of our customers. And the fact we have a value track is one subscore, which is very important in the weight of the global score.”
  • (19:50) - Is customer value a problematic obsession? - “It's not only counterproductive sometimes, but it's really painful because we are not so sure how to obtain the right value for many reasons.”
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