In the 4th episode of season 2 of the Gainsight Gamechanger Podcast, Adam Joseph, RVP of Customer Success at Gainsight, sits down with Donna Weber, President and Customer Onboarding Leader at Springboard Solutions.

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Onboarding is the most critical part of the customer journey, get it wrong and you’re behind the eight ball from the very beginning. In today’s episode, our host Adam Joseph talks to the President and Customer Onboarding Leader at Springboard Solutions, and author of the book Onboarding Matters, Donna Weber. Adam and Donna chat about her book, the importance of delivering true value to customers, and some key metrics to measure success. Listen now to learn some new practices on helping your customer get value since day one from an absolute onboarding expert.

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  • (00:44) - Donna Weber’s process writing her amazing book Onboarding Matters - “Writing a book is very insular, you're on your own, but suddenly it's out in the world and people are benefiting and sharing ideas. It is so rewarding.”
  • (04:41) - When should onboarding begin and end? - “It needs to be about relationships. It needs to be about making sure you're capturing their goals and then making sure that they're meeting them. It's all about value.”
  • (09:19) - Donna’s advice on delivering value at scale - “Every account is different at some point, but in order to get to some basics, you might need to make things more similar rather than different.”
  • (13:57) - Pros & cons of having an implementation team and key metrics for measuring success  - “Logging in is not value. It really needs to be something that is meaningful to the customer, something that is going to drive them to want to use your product more.”
  • (20:56) - Meeting the customers’ increasingly high expectations - “As your company changes, as your products change, as your users change, you will need to always be adjusting, that's why it's so important to listen to customers.”
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