In the 5th episode of season 2 of the Gainsight Gamechanger Podcast, Adam Joseph, RVP of Customer Success at Gainsight, sits down with Rav Dhaliwal, Investor and Venture Partner at Crane Venture Partners.

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How can you deliver and demonstrate business value to a wide range of different personas? Everyone has a different idea of what success means and meeting every standard can be really challenging. To help us understand the “outcome gap”, our host Adam Joseph sits with  Rav Dhaliwal, Investor, and Venture Partner at Crane Venture Partners. Rav talks about how to contain the outcome gap, where it probably comes from, and shares a few resourceful solutions to implement in wobbly situations. Plus, he and Adam discuss the importance of educating the customer in orienting their goals and discuss their top three predictions for the future of Customer Success. Listen now and learn from these experts how to maintain a healthy relationship with your buyer and do your best to meet their needs and expectations!

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  • (0:51) - Who is Rav Dhaliwal: A recovering software executive  - “I often say to people that I've gone from being in the customer success business to the founder success business.”
  • (03:29) - 3 of Rav’s and Adam’s predictions for customer success and some of its challenges - “I think the challenge is that what it takes to make a customer successful is highly contextual; it's going to vary from business to business and from product to service.”
  • (09:16) - The “outcome gap”: Meeting the expectations of different personas in every sale - “Organizational structure and the size of organizations are essentially why we see that problem, and I think that problem gets compounded with the way that we sell.”
  • (15:48) - Some wobbly situations and how to contain the outcome gap - “In order to make that awareness you have to keep reinforcing that message. And one of the best ways to reinforce that message is to be able to articulate what your solution is delivering to their business.”
  • (22:26) - Do we know what they want? KPI’s and measurements of a success plan - “When a buyer or customer has something very vague or incredibly high level, sometimes you have to help them deconstruct and actually educate them on what are the metrics that matter.”
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