Ready to find your next leadership role in the growing field of Customer Success? Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta shares his career-plotting secrets.

No metric is more important long-term in SaaS than Net Revenue Retention (NRR), and no role is more critical to NRR than the head of Customer Success (CS) or Chief Customer Officer.

That being said, if there are 1000 open Customer Success leadership jobs, there are likely 2000 definitions of what the job means. In parallel, from the hiring side, most CS executives’ LinkedIn profiles look disarmingly similar.

In his ten years of running Gainsight, CEO Nick Mehta has had countless conversations with both CEOs looking for their next Chief Customer Officer and up-and-coming CS leaders puzzled about which career path to take. That’s why he’s put together the ultimate guide to growing your CS leadership career.

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  • How to define your personal brand on social media
  • Which CS leadership paths fit your experience
  • Best practices for networking and interviews

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